Work From Home: How An Ergonomic Desk Setup Will Save You From Medical Bills Post Quarantine

Anuj Syal
4 min readApr 20, 2020
Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

An ergonomic desk setup will have your back, safely.

Yes, we all are home-bound and working from either our overtly comfortable sofas or uncomfortable dining table and chairs. One of the biggest challenges the ongoing pandemic has thrown at the working professionals is the inability to efficiently work from home without compromising the health in the longer run.


A few years back I used to spend close to 4 hours daily commuting to Gurugram. It turned out more than just brutal when the initial discomfort of sitting long hours in the cabs grew into a chronic back pain. Various painkillers and floor exercises later I realized, the problem wasn’t just the commute, it was the extended sitting hours while working as well.
Like many others, working from home is desirable for me for dozens of reasons, the biggest being the comfort factor.


Homes are designed to look and feel like a resting place and one doesn’t expect it to have a disciplined office setup. However, the sheer comfort of not traveling for hours to the office makes working from home much more desirable. Admittedly, it begins with the ever-inviting sofa feeling like the perfect place to work before you end up feeling sleepy and think of moving to the dining table when it gets uncomfortable after a couple of hours and you decide to move to the bed to eventually doze off in the middle of work. ( I know I am not the only one! )

Home isn’t an office. True. But one can make subtle tweaks to make it conducive for efficient and healthier working. How? For starters, install a work desk. Now, not all homes are spacious to have a dedicated spot that can be turned into an office or studio and even if there is, traditional work desks are as harmful at home as in the compact office cubicle.


Initially, I too invested my money in an Ikea chair and table setup. It would be lying if I said it didn’t help me. The compact setup felt more ‘disciplined’ and added the much-needed support to my frailing back…

Anuj Syal